Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Lion's Share

So, I mentioned in a previous post about my obsession with chains. Well, this shoulder harness began that obsession. I also purchased another harness from the same seller that should be arriving early this week. Very exciting week on the shopping front.

Dress: Faith 21
Shoulder Harness: MadCap Clothing
Rings: Verameat and Urban Outfitters
Tiara: Claire's
Shoes: Pinup Girl Clothing

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I wanna find a way to make you feel alright

I spent the day helping my brother get himself in order for a three week charity bicycle ride in North Carolina. Thank goodness his sisters are semi-organized and well-traveled. He could not get himself together, today.
Anyway, this outfit has been floating in my head for a while, but I had to wait for a warm enough day. It's still not tremendously warm here, but I guess I don't mind the rainy weather, as we never get much rain in arid Colorado anyway.

Dress: Faith 21
Necklace: Garage sale (I think)
Brooch: Ball Park Flea Market
Headband: La Villita, San Antonio Texas
Shoes: Ami Clubwear


Friday, May 7, 2010

Chains of Love

I've recently come under the spell of body chains of all kinds. Thanks to Melissa over at Chains of Love, I can have every and any manifestation of chainage that I could possibly dream up. Here are just a few that I bought. I think the bralette is particularly classy!

Fax Shadow

There is no excuse for my absence other than exhaustion that led to inexcusable laziness. I've been sleeping in and not giving a damn about what a wear, just trying to get through the year. The bad/good news? I'm done with school in less than two weeks and I don't have a full week for the rest of the year.
I took a sick day today to sleep in, ride my bike, take an online course that I've need to take, and cleaned my house. Needless to say, I got a late start on the outfit; but I've purchased so many new and interesting pieces (including this headdress) that I need to get on here more and show you guys. So, I did today.
Check out my latest musical fascination below. Thanks to National Public Radio for always keepin' it real and keeping me up-to-date on music.

Dress: Ross
Ring: Forever 21
Shoes: Marni
Headdress: ChinnyLuLu

Toro y Moi-Fax Shadow