Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Queen of Detroit

So, today my sister and I went to Parker (a small, but quaint down just south of the Denver Metro area) for a chocolate and tea tasting at this tea shop. The owners are a husband-and-wife couple from Great Britain and they invited the Chocolate Therapist to do this fabulous event. It was so fun, and I literally felt drunk when we were finished (I'm pretty sure that it was the caffeine from the chocolate and tea). Then, we stopped by a fabulous yarn store in the area so my sister could browse and we finally made it home to the puppies.
Last night, I dreamt of netbooks because my classroom is getting a classroom set. I am so excited about the education possibilities of these babies and, since we had a training all day Friday, it was on my mind big time. I know what everyone is thinking: how is it that my district is struggling with budget cuts, but we have all this money for technology? The answer is really long-winded, but I'll just say that our district applied for a government technology grant and the money can only be used for technology.
It truly is an opportunity, though, so I try not to dwell on the painful irony that what American education really needs is more teachers.

Dress: Faith 21
Coat: Target
Bag: Some shop on Broadway (in Denver)
Necklace: Unknown (renaissance festival, I think)
Bracelet: Vintage Amore
Shoes: Seychelles (Urban Outfitters)
Sunglasses: Mile Hi Flea Market

+/- The Queen of Detroit (sorry for the quality. I could only find it live)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

You Promised Me Summer, You're Giving Me Winter

Woo-hoo! Two outfit posts in one week! Finally.
So, the past three weeks have been tumultuous. First, we found out about some pretty earth rumbling budget cuts in our district, then I was told I would not be at my school next year because of said budget cuts and low enrollment (due to two schools opening/expanding near our borders); then, at the end of the week, my school became a Title I school and I heard that certain teachers might be back next year.
Just when I started thinking about the possibility of relocating to my beloved Bay Area for a job, I found out that my principal (in his true "I get what I want eventually" fashion) somehow managed to get me back next year.
That's probably too much information, but it's an explanation for why I've been so uninspired and absent.

Dress: Thrifted from Saver's
Rebozo (scarf): Patzcuaro, Mexico
Necklace: Garage sale
Boots: Forever 21

Coconut Records- The Thanks I Get

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Hills are Alive

I got dressed up for Super Bowl, which I don't even care about. I had a completely different pair of shoes in mind but it was freezing and snowy today. Fortunately, I have left a few items of clothing at my parents house, including shoes. For the outdoor excursions, I donned the boots and for the inside lazy time, I opted for the ballet flats.
This outfit is slightly reminiscent of the Sound of Music (minus the PVC leggings, of course).

Leggings: Express
Blouse: Thrifted from Saver's
Cape: Express
Necklace: Garage Sale
Boots: Vintage from ebay
Fedora: Urban Outfitters