Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sorry, sorry, sorry

Lately, I've been so neglectful of this blog. The truth is I've been dying to come back, but with student teaching winding down and all that that entails (finding a job, applying for my license, submitting various obscenely gargantuan projects, and creating units right as I am leaving my school), I can not help but be dismissive about the blog currently. I don't know how long this will last, but I've just need had the desire to set up my camera for outfit photos, sit at the computer to upload them and so on. In addition, shopping has held little pleasure for me lately, but I'm also feeling like I have nothing in my closet. It's a strange and surreal place I'm in with fashion, so bear with me. I will be posting, but it won't really be fashion related.
The only assurance I can give you is that it will be a neat experience getting to know some of my other loves throughout the next couple of weeks.
Anyway, I hope this isn't too terribly disappointing for anyone besides myself.

Gav the Future Governor

So, part of my extensive San Fransisco experience was meeting the mayor (and resident sex pot) of San Fransisco, Gavin Newsom. He is planning to run for governor of California since Arnold's term limit is coming up soon and this benefit was to help him finance that effort. It ended up being a wild night with too much vodka soaked lychees (which I've never had period, much less soaked in vodka) and philandering. Matt and I met these super fun guys, who we thought were a gay couple, while tailing Gavin all over the club for a picture. Turns out that we were able to help each other attack him from either side, and they took pictures for us and vice versa. It also turns out that they were not only not together, but they weren't gay, which was a surprise indeed!
I also fell down the stairs leading to the BART station and I still have a bruise on my ankle. My back is finally better, though. I thought I was going to have to rely on my meager health insurance to take care of the problem, but I'm still young enough to recover from such minor injuries.
When Matt and I got back to his house, we drink a bottle of Pinot Noir and danced to Earth, Wind, and Fire's "September" and War's "Don't Let No One Get You Down" over and over again. There are unseemly pictures of said dance party that can not make it on this blog for fear of public shunning.
Ah, a day in the life...
This is what I saw around the corner from the club where we were headed. I thought it was cool and snapped some photos.

We Have a Winner

So, the ring contest closed last Sunday, but in the madness that is my life right now, I had to wait until now to announce the winner.
Amy Johnson over at Femme Hinterland (a blog about being a queer woman in the South) has won the banner contest. I loved the banner instantly, as she seemed to really get the essence of who I am as both a lover of fashion and also just as a person.

I would also highly encourage anyone who is into handmade goods to check out her etsy shop (Artful Arts Amy). Congrats Amy and thanks again to Chic Downtown for the lovely ring.
I would also like mention that Chic Downtown is having a giveaway going on at their blog right now to win a size 8, beautiful Tibi mini dress.
I highly encourage anyone who is a size 8 to go for it! Here's a picture to encourage you.

Compliments of, a great site for women's designer clothing from designers like Diane von Furstenberg, Nanette Lepore and Genetic Denim.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Oakland Sun

There is so very little that can be said about these pictures. They're simply magnificient.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Garden State

The flora and fauna of any given region always inspires the aspiring photographer in me. I had the day to myself last Monday so I strolled around Matt's Oakland village of Montclair and then crossed the highway on a fly bridge to an almost mythical land of shrubbery, fruit, and floral exotica.

Friendly Reminder

This is just a reminder to all my darling readers with a flare for art to please submit their banner designs for the gorgeous ring that is in the picture above. Unfortunately, only U.S. entries at this time.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

San Fransisco Frenzy

I arrived home yesterday exhausted and completely unprepared for the frigid temperatures that awaited me. I love the Bay Area and I always forget how much of my heart it holds. I will be photo-documenting me trip over the next week or so because there are so many pictures and so many cool things to see.
A few things to note: I packed an obscene amount of shoes for this trip (almost entirely heels) and wore about four pair. California is a place for seeing and I gave up looking dangerously fabulous in order to trudge all over the place. Therefore you will see very few outfit shots.
My second blogger faux pas is that I purchased no clothing item beyond two scented fans from Chinatown. Instead, I spent my precious dollars on food and beverages (generally alcoholic and which led to some ridiculous stories that I will share later).
So, now that I'm done with my bad blogger confessions, I will start with the photos from Sacramento first. My friend, Matt, picked me up from Oakland and then towed me all the way to Sacramento for a taste of the gay nightlife there. I actually loved Sacramento and this gay scene that Matt and his friends were touting was everything I expected. These are photos from the evening out, but I also met most of Matt's family and got to speak Danish with his grandfather (who is from Copenhagen). I was actually kind of sad to leave just because his family had so much warmth and spunk.
It's also worth noting that this round photos is very friend oriented. I have many other photos that are probably far more aesthetically pleasing for my lovely readers.

I look so beat in this picture and it was only my second day on vacation. Ludicrous.

This picture turned out to be quite silly and not on purpose, but it made me smile nonetheless.

Another unintentionally funny photo. Matt always brings out the silly in me.

This is Matt.

This is Brie. Yes, I hang out with cheese.

Matt's Cousin who is the most ardent straight gay rights activist I've ever met. She's quite inspiring really. Plus, she's a teacher.