Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mix 'n Match

This is a mesh of a couple of clashing patterns from my closet. And of course, I am reprising the Sam Edelmans.

Skirt: lauraqua3
Shirt: Grass Roots (tee-zone)
Cuff Watch: Matara Design
Tie: Night Lab (go to the sister site, Day Lab, for fabulous finds)
Shoes: Sam Edelman

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Karla's Closet is Influencing Carly's Closet

The lovely Karla over at Karla's Closet wore these shoes in an outfit from Sunday, I believe. I've been obsessed with them since and finally broke down and bought them, thereby rendering my bank account completely useless for the time being. Who cares when you have babies like these?!
P.S. I think they look simply fabulous with black tights. I'm probably going to steal the look from Karla.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dark Angel

Today was an all black day. I felt ever so slightly gothic with the intricate skirt and the color scheme (or lack thereof).

Skirt: Cubix
Shirt: Every Little Counts
Brooches: Vintage
Bracelet: Vintage
Shoes: Jessica Simpson

Sunday, February 22, 2009


This was the outfit that I settled upon today. This dress has so much potential, but I'm sure how I feel about this outfit.

Dress: Secondhand (Savers)
Shoes: Camilla Skovgaard (shopbop)
Necklace: Paraphernalia
Glasses: Ebay

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Richard Thompson-Vincent Black Lightning
Sorry for the longest hiatus since I broke my camera. I've been dealing with real world/time issues such as a nasty cold, feeling uninspired with my clothing and my life in general, and attempting to get my work sample done for student teaching. By the way, the cyber world is so much cooler than the real world most days. Anyway, the lack of photos has led me to go overboard on today's outfit photos. Excuse my overzealous nature. I just got so damn excited!
The outfit was entirely utilitarian today. I wanted to feel as warm and protected as possible from my illness.

Button up: Vintage Polo
Leggings: Express
Scarves: Ebay and vintage from Ball Park Market
Cuff: Greenbelts
Watch: Bonadrag

Monday, February 16, 2009


Olivia Newton John-Physical
After my earlier outfit, I changed into this little number. For whatever reason, I felt wildly powerful, sexy, and unstoppable today. I have no idea if it was one of my outfits or my good night of sleep or just luck of the draw, but I love days like these.

Dress: LaRok (shopbop)
Tank: Old Navy
Leggings: Express
Bracelet: By the Beard of Zeus
Necklace: A purchase on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota
Shoes: Miu Miu

White Trash

Kenna-Free Time
Today I experimented with some of the scarier garments in my wardrobe: white jeans, nude bodysuit, and uber high platforms. It was cool, but I felt really exposed so I changed into a different outfit almost immediately after taking pictures.

Jeans: Old Navy
Bodysuit: Ebay
Blazer: Secondhand (Saver's)
Shoes: Marni

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dog Days

Brandi Carlile-Closer to You
I know there is an excess of puppy pictures today. The day was so beautiful and I felt completely selfish taking pictures outside without bringing my sister's dog, Soren, with me.
Thank you to my darling Manuel who inspired this outfit by suggesting that I pair these studded sandals with my glasses. Although there is snow in the background of some of these photos, it really was that warm outside. How strange to be wearing sandals in February!
Since wearing heels at the park wasn't exactly practical, I threw a pair of Chuck Taylor's in my bag for frolicking purposes.

Leggings: Express
Blouse: Secondhand
Hat: Urban Outfitters
Glasses: Ebay
Sandals: Aldo
Shoes: Converse All Star