Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

Christmas time seems to be a time of difficulty for my camera. Some of my older readers will remember that this time last year I dropped my camera and had to get a new one. Now, I have not only ruined my memory card, but I bent the cord receiver for the camera, so I have to get myself a card reader. In the meantime, I am using my sister's card reader on her laptop. Hopefully, after I come home from from San Fransisco (I leave on the 26th), I will get a new one and be back in the game. I miss blogging so badly!

Blouse: Thrifted from Saver's
Leggings and Coat: Express
Necklaces: Thrifted and Forever 21
Boots: Forever 21
Beanie: Urban Outfitters

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Anonymous said...

I miss you. Come back.