Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Think I'll be Fine if I'm Covered in Wine

I went to a baby shower today. I hate baby showers with an intensity that is beyond comprehension. It was pretty damn awful, but I paired these two necklaces which made me smile secretly.
One of the things I love about fashion is how much it is infused with the individual. I am naturally drawn to all things ironic, sacrilegious, and cynical. When I was contemplating my outfit today, I decided I wanted to wear something childish. The headband and child's rosary were the beginning of this outfit because they were so innocent. But being me, I couldn't stay completely innocent, so I threw on the beer pendant with a navy ribbon just to make this outfit contradictory and sassy in a way that is oh-so-Carly.
After the shower, I went home to take care of a lot of things that needed to be taken care of since I got home from California. A nice glass of wine eased the chore.

Dress: Thrifted from Saver's
Necklaces: Etsy and gift from sister (also etsy: my sister knows me so well)
Headband: Forever 21
Coat: Faith 21
Shoes: Aldo

Charlotte Martin- The Dance


Fashion Therapist said...

I love the headband, but also love the pseudo irony in the background of your pics combined with your necklaces. Baby showers scare me just because all my friends are preggers and I'm no where near that.

Hope you're having a great weekend.

manuel said...

happy new years darling! i love your new header!

jane st. clair said...

your outfit is awesome!!

mandarina said...

Thanks God babyshowers are not usual here! I like how the headband looks on you, but i'm scared it won't look good on my (im always soooooo insecure about my hair)