Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I have been disgustingly absent from the blog lately. There is no excuse but I'll offer a brief explanation. I was grappling with the end of the school year-- essentially, I was in survival mode. Then, once school was finished, I became quite taken with the idea of not having to do anything at any given time. I've been taking three hour bike rides, eating healthy, going to farmer's markets, taking care of my hair, and sleeping in every day. This is my attempt to get back at blogging because I do miss the outfit posts. I don't really like the photos, but I'm a little rusty.

Dress: Go International Target
Ring and leg chain: Chains of Love
Shoes: L.A.M.B.
Necklace: Pronoia Studio (more on this in a day or two)
Sunglasses: Kohl's


Katorra said...

I love the detail of your dress its very flattering

Maura said...

Glad your back!

The Chains of Love said...

Carlene! That leg chain looks fabulous on you!!! Work it!!!


Carlene said...

Thanks so much!