Saturday, June 26, 2010

Jewelry Contest

Finally, I am getting to this awesome contest with jewelry that I have recently become obsessed with. Amy over at Pronoia Studio asked me if she could send me a necklace and if I would be willing to do a contest. After browsing her etsy shop, I emphatically said yes!
Ok, so here's the deal:
I would like you all to send me an e-mail building an outfit around this necklace.

But the catch is that you have to build the outfit using only items from etsy (shoes excepted, as they are a little harder to find on etsy. I know. I've looked). Please be sure to credit the shops you use, so that I can do the same when I post the winner. Also, make sure to include your e-mail address so I can contact you. If I do not have your e-mail, I won't be able to name you a winner no matter how much I love your outfit. The contest will end on July 5th and I will announce the winner by no latter than the 10th of July. If you win, you will win the necklace above.
Now, go be creative and have fun!

Also, here is a little information about Amy and her shop:
Each and every Pronoia Studio piece is made entirely from hand without the aid of forms or molds. The nature of this sort of creation means that each piece is unique and special.

This necklace features a kiln-glazed ceramic pendant on a sterling silver plated (sterling silver) chain. The pendant is very durable and can endure warm/cool temperatures and water/cleaning.

Chain measures: 18 in

Chain can be resized larger/small upon request at no additional cost. Just add this information as a note upon purchase, or contact me ahead of time.

Pronoia Studio does ship internationally. Right now, the “fixed” cost of international shipping is $15 USD. However, international customers will be refunded any shipping expense that is not needed for shipping.

all work is copyright Pronoia Studio 2010.
My Pronoia Necklace:

My Pronoia Necklace on me:

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A dress from shanae:

Tights from post:

A clutch purse from afropumpkin:

And a pair of earrings from my own shop, birnamgrove (I have a second set I made for myself):

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