Sunday, July 4, 2010

Searching for my lost shaker of salt

This is the closest you'll ever see me get to Fourth of July attire. It really had nothing to do with Independence Day; it started with the shoes and developed a life unto it's own.
Summer always reminds me of Jimmy Buffet (I'm a parakeet head which is a self-appointed position that I assigned due to my parents being Parrotheads). Since Independence Day is the epitomy of American summer experience (or at least it is for me), I grabbed a bottle of Riesling and crammed as many Jimmy Buffet CD's as I could into my CD player.
In honor of my hero of leisure, I have included Margaritaville for your listening pleasure.
Don't forget the contest!

Dress: Express
Blouse: Garage sale (import from Hong Kong)
Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Leg chain: Chains of Love

Jimmy Buffet- Margaritaville

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