Sunday, August 22, 2010

Autumn Loves

Ok, so you all got the rant from my last post and now I'm going to give you a teeny glimpse into what I'm doing about it. What I feel I lack in my wardrobe currently are those surprising "that makes your entire outfit" pieces. I have them, but those I have bore me. Here are a couple of pieces I've found (mostly on asos)that will hopefully keep me inspired as I enter my favorite season.

I'm into weird headpieces right now. I really want an indian headdress, but they are crazy expensive everywhere I've looked. In lieu of that, I've found plenty of animal-like silouettes to give my outfits a little surprise factor.
It's megacheap on forever 21's website.

You just saw this in the previous post, but I think that it will pop up often during the cooler months of autumn. There is a bit of flair to it and I like the fact that no one can ignore me with this accessory atop my head.

A feather cape is just what the doctor ordered here. Melodrama (there's an overabundance of that in this post) and at a steal. How could a fashion concious girl resist?

Another sale find from asos, that is from the summer season. Too damn bad! The lace and the cat ears begs for the melodrama of fall, in my mind.

I'm pretty sure this bag, like some of my other items, was from the summer collection. However, something about the muted colors and the airy texture of the feathers has me visualizing it with chunky, oversized sweaters and short sequin skirts for fall.

This is one of my favorite finds. I actually looked on ebay for something similar and cheaper, but to no avail. They were all more expensive. This is en route to my house even as we speak and I think it is going to get overused this autumn.

Now, you tell me. Where are you looking for inspiration this fall? I'm dying to know. I need websites, magazines, whatever is hitting your fashion hotspot, right now.


Emily said...

lusting each and every single one of these items!! The metallic ears are way too great!!

Anonymous said...

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