Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wild Weather

Radiohead-15 Steps
The weather in Colorado has always been like a schizophrenic on crack, but today was particularly crazy. While taking photos, it began to snow and then I went in and put on my beaver coat and a pair of leggings only to discover incredibly temperate weather awaiting me.
I went to see Twilight again at the $2.50 movie theatre. I'm obsessed with the Radiohead song that is in the credits. I have loved Radiohead ever since my old boyfriend in Denmark turned me onto them. I have bought every CD of theirs, including Thom York's solo album, since Kid A (the album that came out when I was living in Denmark). In Rainbows is no exception and "15 Steps" is even more fabulous in the movie.
I'm apparently quite taken with peeptoe ankle booties, right now. These Sam Edelman's are a recent purchase of mine. The leather is amazing. I feel like I'm walking around in satin-lined slippers. So yummy!
Finally, I got this blouse at an estate sale in my neighborhood yesterday. I managed to pay only $2 for four blouses. I'm pretty excited because I feel like I've needed to revitalize my wardrobe a bit, but I've been feeling quite cash poor.

Skirt: Old Navy
Blouse: Secondhand
Necklace: Unknown
Shoes: Sam Edelman (at Urban Outfitters)
Leggings: Express
Coat: Beaver fur from my maternal great grandmother


Annie said...

OMG those shoes are so wicked cool

JGeb said...

I love those shoes!

V said...

I love your shoes!

Carlene said...

Thanks! They are so comfy. I highly recommend them.