Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So Much to Say

Today's post is heavy on the text and light on the photos.
I am so ready for spring that even a minor dip in temperature, like today, sends my running to the sweater section of my closet. I layered up big time and still spent most of the day freezing.
This evening, after school, I met up with a friend of mine and her daughter. We went to a pizza place called Via Baci, which I think is a chain restaurant, but I'm not sure because I am so out of touch with the outside world. Ironically, whenever I am reminded of my obliviousness, I realize that being out of touch with the real world is the most blissful way to live.

This was the beauty that I confronted before heading to work this morning.

Pants: Old Navy
Shirt: Splendid (Anthropologie)
Sweater: Express
Boots: Ebay


bare.peppermint.fashions said...

i love those trousers. i am in desperate need of a good pair of trouser pants!!

Carlene said...

Thanks! Old Navy is my mecca for trousers. Cheap and dependable in how nicely they fit my body.