Sunday, April 5, 2009

San Fransisco Frenzy

I arrived home yesterday exhausted and completely unprepared for the frigid temperatures that awaited me. I love the Bay Area and I always forget how much of my heart it holds. I will be photo-documenting me trip over the next week or so because there are so many pictures and so many cool things to see.
A few things to note: I packed an obscene amount of shoes for this trip (almost entirely heels) and wore about four pair. California is a place for seeing and I gave up looking dangerously fabulous in order to trudge all over the place. Therefore you will see very few outfit shots.
My second blogger faux pas is that I purchased no clothing item beyond two scented fans from Chinatown. Instead, I spent my precious dollars on food and beverages (generally alcoholic and which led to some ridiculous stories that I will share later).
So, now that I'm done with my bad blogger confessions, I will start with the photos from Sacramento first. My friend, Matt, picked me up from Oakland and then towed me all the way to Sacramento for a taste of the gay nightlife there. I actually loved Sacramento and this gay scene that Matt and his friends were touting was everything I expected. These are photos from the evening out, but I also met most of Matt's family and got to speak Danish with his grandfather (who is from Copenhagen). I was actually kind of sad to leave just because his family had so much warmth and spunk.
It's also worth noting that this round photos is very friend oriented. I have many other photos that are probably far more aesthetically pleasing for my lovely readers.

I look so beat in this picture and it was only my second day on vacation. Ludicrous.

This picture turned out to be quite silly and not on purpose, but it made me smile nonetheless.

Another unintentionally funny photo. Matt always brings out the silly in me.

This is Matt.

This is Brie. Yes, I hang out with cheese.

Matt's Cousin who is the most ardent straight gay rights activist I've ever met. She's quite inspiring really. Plus, she's a teacher.

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bare.peppermint.fashions said...

you're by the american river! so close to me. :) looks like you had fun.