Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sorry, sorry, sorry

Lately, I've been so neglectful of this blog. The truth is I've been dying to come back, but with student teaching winding down and all that that entails (finding a job, applying for my license, submitting various obscenely gargantuan projects, and creating units right as I am leaving my school), I can not help but be dismissive about the blog currently. I don't know how long this will last, but I've just need had the desire to set up my camera for outfit photos, sit at the computer to upload them and so on. In addition, shopping has held little pleasure for me lately, but I'm also feeling like I have nothing in my closet. It's a strange and surreal place I'm in with fashion, so bear with me. I will be posting, but it won't really be fashion related.
The only assurance I can give you is that it will be a neat experience getting to know some of my other loves throughout the next couple of weeks.
Anyway, I hope this isn't too terribly disappointing for anyone besides myself.


TheMinx said...

aww, hope you come back soon girl!! We'll miss you :)

Carlene said...

I hope to. I do miss it, despite my inability to get the blog going again!