Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gloomy Tuesday

The weather is rainy and yucky, and my mood is not much better. Faced with a work conumdrum, I have decided to do what any rational adult does. I am avoiding it. Movies and Jelly Bellies are what helps sustain my perpetual state of avoidance, right now.
I decided to bundle up in a fur, but I wanted to feel sexy (a recurring theme, lately) and home-y.

I realize that the below photo is blurry, but it accidentally personified all that I feel today.

Slip: Secondhand from garage sale
Fur: Vintage from my maternal great grandmother
Headband: Which Goose
Necklace: Talula
Garter and Seamed Hose: Sock Dreams
Shoes: BCBGirls purchased at Nordstrom Rack

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