Thursday, June 18, 2009

We are Powerful Despite Our Injuries

I was really not excited for the inevitable tan that I would get with managing an outdoor pool. Now, looking at pictures, I think I have achieved just the right glow. I just have to keep it from getting too much darker because then I'll look like crispy-fried chicken.
I love this sweater, which coincidentally, is two sizes too big for me. I feel that it needs modification, though. Slashing, perhaps? I'm totally a wimp about diy and I'm really afraid of taking scissors to my precious four dollar sweater.

Sweater: Secondhand from Savers
Skirt: Go International Target
Glasses: Ebay
Shoes: Aldo


Joelle said...

You have killer legs.

Fantastic outfit!

Carlene said...

Thank you kindly!