Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Shoes Called to Me

An impromptu stop at Nordstrom Rack turned into an illicit love affair. These shoes are so wrong in every way, and the minute I put them on my feet, I had to have them. I was even embarassed to put them on the counter when paying for them.
Jessica Simpson truly has a knack for the exceptionally slutty. I've already got an outfit for them.
P.S. It is hilarious to watch young men my age shop. They look like they're thinking so hard.


Lady_M said...

Jessica Simpson does indeed. I have yet to find a pump of her less than 5 inches. I just always attributed it to her short stature, but now that you mention it....

I love, love, love your shoes by the by, yes even these "hooker heels" (I just want to own one pair, lol).

Carlene said...

Thank you, Lady_M!