Sunday, August 23, 2009

Is it the Dog Days of Summer?

Please pardon the absence. I had all these fun outfits lined up for the weekend, and then this happened (see below).

I got a puppy. I've been contemplating one for quite sometime, but this was still a bit of a surprise to walk into a store and find the perfect fellow. Needless to say, I've been spending my entire weekend doing very un-Carly things like potty training and working on chewing habits.

Oh! His name is Loki and he is named after the Nordic trickster god. My sister's dog is named Soren, after the Nordic god of war and I always liked Loki (I helped her with her dog's name). Then, Loki was just perfect for my new puppy, which is sweet.


jane st. clair said...

he looks REALLY sweet! so fluffy! yay!
the little violet dress

Fashion Therapist said...

Your puppy is so adorable! Will be great in future pics. ;)

Chelsea said...

What kind of dog is he? So cute, I had to ask!