Sunday, September 27, 2009


When it comes to clothing, I teeter on a strange balance of designer clothing, high street mass retailers, vintage and otherwise ebay auctions, and handmade etsy picks. Oh, and of course there is the low of the low in garage saling and secondhand shopping.
I also cycle through these phases. This past spring and early summer, I could not get enough of thrift shops and garage sales. I was monumentally poor then. It makes sense. Then, when I got my management job at the pool this summer, I was making some more money and I also scored some more lucrative tutoring jobs. I became a Target, Ross, and Forever 21 clothes hound. I have not shown ebay the love in a long time, but about two years ago in the fall, I simply could not get enough of it.
I have noticed how tired of grown of the mass retailers after my binge this summer. I still try to stop in and I find the clothing boring and repetitive. Part of it is the economy (according to National Public Radio) and part of it is my overenthusiasm and subsequent overexposure to all things mass produced.
In desperation, I tried ebay, but it just wasn't doing it for me (I did bid on a pair of strappy Christian Louboutin's, but was quickly outbid and unwilling to fork over more cash). Feeling unhopeful and sure that I was about to slump into another anti-shopping haze, I decided to try etsy. I wasn't expecting much. I was mistaken. This is everything that I found and purchased on etsy. I went crazy. What always sucks me in with etsy is that I know that pretty much no one where I live would own what I purchase from there. There is an idealistic entrepreneurial spirit that I love about all of the designers on there.
Anyway, these are the items I purchased.


Frock Around the Clock said...

Those earrings are amazing! Makes me sort of want to pierce my ears.. You got some good stuff! And don't worry about being outbid on the louboutins - apparently they are crippling! :) x

Lina said...

I am quickly becoming an etsy whore...they have some of the most gorgeous stuff. I love their vintage too. And that ruffle dress is awesome.