Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I Don't Wanna Wait in Vain for Your Love

I have loved Agathe Bjornsdatter for almost four years now. About a year and a half ago, she went through a divorce and a subsequent (and extended) absence from her blog. My heart has been, and remains, completely broken. Her style is the stuff of mythological heroes. She dabbled in everything fearlessly and, therefore, flawlessly. Fortunately, six months after her disappearance she re-enabled (but not posted anything new) her blog and I took the time to painstakingly sift through some of my favorite posts. There are over 25 pictures in this post. Excessive, I know.
However, think of it this way:
Agathe is like a finely aged port or, perhaps more appropriate, a modernist art gallery. Always elusive and compelling, but each picture deserves care and attention unto its own. Enjoy this post slowly and you will love her as I do.
Edit to Add: I am so sorry. I raved on about Agathe and then forgot to hyperlink her blog. Here it is stylebytes


ari michelle said...

I think your post has inspired me to become a fan as well.

Sarah said...

omg, officially going to have to follow her blog now too, great post!