Saturday, September 27, 2008

Going for a beer

I spent the day cleaning my room and completely gutting my closet (which you will see in a later post). Afterward, I went for a beer and watched the CSU (Colorado State University, my alma mater) football game. After the game, I proceeded to eat a lovely Oktoberfest dinner and play Rock Band on my sister's new Wii.

Pants: Old Navy
Top: Every Little Counts
Necklace: Unknown
Bracelets: Vintage (purchased at a flea market)
Scarf: Ross
Shoes: Frye
Bag: Vintage Coach (purchased at a garage sale for $2.50, I believe)
All pictures taken by my lovely sister.


manuel navarro said...

i left my heart in san francisco too! haha!
i'm so proud of you for doing this! i think it's the perfect outlet for you! i also love facehunter!

Carlene said...

Manuel, thank you for checking the blog out. And how cool is it that you got my little riddle on the cuff!

Every Little Counts said...

Love the tee :)..thanks for all of your support!