Thursday, September 25, 2008


How lovely it is to be back blogging. The first go round was a no-go due to a career change and what have you so I'm trying this again. Just real briefly a little history about me. My name is Carlene and I live in Denver, Colorado. After getting a degree in Design and Merchandising from Colorado State University, I did a mini (very mini stint) in the fashion industry. It was not for me so now I am going to school to become an English teacher. That having been said, fashion is a love of mine that I simply can not resist and this blog is the perfect outlet for both my fashion sense and my love of writing.
With this blog I plan to blog about my own personal style as a plus sized woman (including pictures of my outfits) and my shopping habits (what? Do I have a habit? Addiction is more like it). Maybe, if I become wildly ambitious, I will also photograph Denver street style, as I think there is style in the area that is worth noting.
Thanks again for checking in with me!

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