Sunday, September 28, 2008

Midterm Exam

I had a take-home midterm for my philosophy class (which turned out to be so much harder than I expected). It damn near cracked my brain. Anyway, I celebrated its completion with a fun outfit and now I am settling into a glass of Pinot Noir will I sit outside with the Chimnaya (an outdoor fire pit) and listen to E-town.

This bracelet is Arab and the charms have scarabs and tea karafs. It is the coolest bracelet I own, I think.

Jeans and tank: Old Navy

Camisole: Cosabella (purchased at Nordstrom sometime in college)

Clutch: Hobo (purchased at Nordstrom Rack)

Necklace and bracelet: Vintage (found at a flea market)

Sunglasses: Vintage (found at the Mile High Flea market)

Shoes: Aldo

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