Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy New Year

Today is the first day of my new year. It was overwhelming and exciting all at the same time. I usually start any new teaching endeavor dressing pretty conservatively and hiding the tattoos. Then, I give my staff a couple of weeks to get to know me before they get to know the fashion (and tatted me). This is my conservative outfit. I ended up having to forget the no tattoos rule, as it was really hot in the media center where I spent most of my day.
So, I was driving home today and I realized that three major things are impacted every time I embark on a new life change. The first is that I consume more wine (to calm the nerves); second, I buy more clothing (to make me feel better); third, I almost always get a tattoo (also, to make me feel better, but in that "hurts so good way").
I've been nursing a glass of wine for the past couple of days, I've purchased eight new dresses, and I'm planning on getting a new tattoo as soon as I can make it to the tattoo parlor (friday maybe?). Needless to say, life changes are an expensive time for this girl.

Pants: Old Navy
Blouse: Secondhand from Savers
Pearl necklace and bracelet: Gift from mom
Shoes: Colin Stuart for Victoria's Secret

PSST! Guess what? The contest for that fabulous scarf ends on Wednesday, so get on it ladies (and gentlemen).


jane st. clair said...

really cute outfit for a first day! i like it a lot. i do the same thing when i teach: start slow and then gradually hit them with the tattoos and crazier outfits.

i'm also the same way about new things as far as clothes and tattoos go. they're nice ways to mark change.

hope you had a good first day!

DaisyChain said...

great outfit, I really like the shirt

Carlene said...

Thanks, Daisy Chain!

Jane St. Claire, I've decided marking a change is a lovely thing to to now and again. It's like a celebration.