Friday, July 24, 2009

We're Camping in a Corner of the Room

My outfit was inspired by the Cherry Blossom Girl's trip to the U.S. and Vintage Americana.
I spent the evening the best way possible-- listening to four Mexicans chat about politics and social issues in Spanish. Some days I love my life!

Dress: Faith 21
Shoes: Velvet Angels (shopbop)
Bracelets: Vintage from Ball Park Flea Market (Catholic Saints bracelets)
Glasses: Secondhand from garage sale (popped out the prescription lenses)
Music obsession for the day (and inspiration for title of post):

On another note, I received this award from Little Violet Dress! Thank you, it totally made my day.

Ok, so evidentally, I'm supposed to list seven interesting things about myself. Here goes.

1. I can recite (by heart) the first fifteen lines of The Canterbury Tales in middle English (the language in which it was originally written).
2. I speak Danish fluently.
3. I'm obsessively vain about my teeth.
4. I'm a writer. I mostly write creative nonfiction, though I have been known to venture into fiction now and again.
5. I was an exchange student in Denmark (hence, the speaking Danish bit).
6. I'm a complete ludite. I am refuse to learn anything about technology unless it directly serves my immediate needs (i.e. this blog).
7. I have experienced four sweats in a traditional Lakota sweat lodge. In fact, it is the only time that I have ever (truly) prayed.

Now, it is my turn to tag seven people.
I tag:
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jane st. clair said...

i loved your 7 things. i feel like i know you a little better now!

you are SO beautiful! i love this dress.

the little violet dress

DaisyChain said...

thanks girly <3 you look incredible.

Fashion Therapist said...

Thank you soooo much can't wait to pass this one on!

manuel said...

Thank you! I also loved your 7 things! I will get on this and fill it out too! You are looking extremely FIERCE and HOT in your pics! Go girl!