Monday, July 20, 2009

Panic Room

Today has been a less than perfect day. I report for my new teaching job a week from today and I suffering some pretty severe anxiety over it. I couldn't sleep last night, and when I finally fell asleep, my dreams were convoluted and eery. Sometimes, I catch myself not breathing because I'm too busy freaking out about the unknown. Teaching is scarier than any other job out there, as far as I'm concerned. What other entry level job gives you nearly boundless freedoms and responsibilities on the first day? I'm obsessing about everything from how to arrange my classroom to every possible scenario for my first day.
Anyway, I didn't feel up for getting dressed today, so I went shopping instead. Shoes are notorious for making me feel better than any other purchase in the world. Hence, my trip to Nordstrom Rack and these lovelies. I love the putrid green color. So spectacular!
I am also stuffing my nose in a young adult literature series. The book I am reading is called Knocked Out by My Nunga-Nungas. Sometimes I get so consumed with reading all the classics that I forget how fun and sweet young adult literature can be. This one is particularly great because, while the author feigns commiserating with her angst-filled teen heroine, she also is blatantly making fun of her.

Also, a quick reminder about the contest with chic downtown.


jane st. clair said...

we sound similar. i like to read young-adult novels, i love shoes, and i'm a teacher too! i also get nervous over new jobs. i start one tomorrow and i REALLY hope i sleep tonight.

you might try rescue remedy (take way more than they say to) for the anxiety or l-theanine to help you sleep. they work for me.

although it is stressful, congrats to you for getting a new job in such a tough market.

Lizzie said...

Omg I LOVE that book, have you read all the rest of them??

And the job market just sucks out there so much I almost don't want to graduate