Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Contest that I Want to Win

So, it is time for another contest, people! Your mission this time it to build me an outfit around this outrageously funky scarf. You can pull pieces from any website, go the high-low route, whatever suits you. Just make you sure e-mail the file to me. I would appreciate if you would create your own lovely image, but you can also just send me links and I will compile an image.
There is a bit more with this contest. Once, I have announced the winner, she (or he) must either become friends with the founder of Chic Downtown (sponsoring website) or follow her on Twitter.
This contest is available to my international readers as well (yay!) and ends on the 29th of July.
Good luck and have fun with it!

While you all brew up wonderful outfits for this contest, check out these links:
Tolani scarves
Sweetees clothing

And here are the sites to follow Amy (the founder of Chic Downtown):
chickdowntown.com on Twitter
chickdowntown.com on Facebook Fan page


Becca said...

Great giveaway! I'd pair the scarf with dark skinny jeans, Mystique sandals, and a fitted v neck tee.

Emily said...

Elizabeth and James White deconstructed tee
Tight faded legging jean by Current Elliott
with these killer tibi feather pumps!

You have just made me want this scarf even more than I already did to begin with!!!

Sarah said...

I absolutely adore this tolani scarf! And what a great way to make a giveaway interesting!!!


Evie O'Connor said...

I LOVE this scarf!! Thanks for the chance to win.

Carlene said...

Thanks guys for all of your feedback and support!

Cassie said...

Jeans of course. A tank like http://chickdowntown.com/viewproduct.asp?ID=145845

and some great little flats!

Danielle said...

This scarf is so cute-- what a great giveaway!

Estelle Tran said...

That scarf is so beautiful! I don't have a lot of color in my wardrobe, but I'm looking to change that. Thanks for this opportunity!

Roxy said...

I'd pair it with this maxi dress. I'd really want it to stand out!


hockiemack at hotmail.com

xokeizz said...

iactually created four looks with thee scarf from various places ranqinq in various amounts that can be worn throuqhout thee day.

first look i say is more of a beach look. everything except the scarf is from forever21 its a simple tube jean romper and a cute pair of gladiator sandals

second look from f21 also is more of a weekend shopping look with a simple colored cardigan white tee underneath shorts and sandals

third look is from chicksdowntown where its a movie look// hanqinq with thee friends with an oversized white shirt grey skinny jeans and a simple pair of sandals

last look is a date look which i qot everythinq from urban outfitter.com a simple blazer white skinnyz and booties you can even spice thee outfit up with wearinq a colored shirt underneath thee blazer if yuou dont like thee white on white look

Stephanie said...

I love looking at all the outfits people come up with!! Great giveaway.

Lizzie said...

I would pair it with this dress from Free People
These Sam Edelman sandals:
This bangle:
And this gorgeous purse

This is all in my dream world of course seeing as how I am a student and can't afford this stuff, but I would love the scarf! PS sorry I don't know how to make the link clickable yet!!

Nicole said...

I'd wear the scarf with a pair of Current/Elliot boyfriend jeans and a white v neck tee.

Kriti said...

The scarf would definitely be the highlight of the ensemble, so I'd have:

Tissue Boyfriend V-neck Tee -- J. Crew

Lexie Bootcut Petite in Portugal Jeans -- Seven

Jaipur Jeweled Sandals in Orange

And of course, the scarf!