Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cuffed Up

Bloc Party-I Still Remember
So, I got the idea of cuffing my skinny jeans from Rumi at fashiontoast and I think it worked out much better than I expected. This may become a staple to my fall adornment. Also, this necklace is so cool and I never wear it enough. It's a tear drop crystal from a vintage chandelier.

Jeans and Tank: Old Navy
Shrug: Nordstrom
Belt: Lane Bryant
Watches: Matara Design and Bonadrag
Necklace: She-she (boutique off of broadway)
Hat: Boutique in the Highlands, Denver
Shoes: Fornarina


Every Little Counts said...

I love the hat.. so cute!

Carlene said...

Thank so much!

Passion4Fashion said...

I love the accessories in this outfit! The shoes and the watches and the necklace!