Thursday, October 30, 2008

You can't get me out of the house for nothin'

I'm a typically hermetic individual and I have been especially so for the last eight months. That in combination with my disenchantment with shopping malls and the diaspora of kitchy shops around Denver has lead to my online shopping addiction. This month has been no exception. I am an exclusive online shopper and my particular interest is ebay. Here are a few of my purchases. The mask is a consequence of a post on my other blog about a now ancient photo from face hunter (it's the first picture of this post). The seller turns out to be a pretty kinky distributor which only made me want to buy it more. Hopefully, I'll find the courage to wear it to a random evening event sometime. The tan ruched boots are so bad, they're good. I can't wait to see how I can transform a borderline ugly pair of boots into something worth seeing. Also, another online purchase will be featured in another post as I think it warrants it's own place in the blogosphere.

The seller's respectively are:
Vancouver Wholesale, Make me Chic, and Amiclubwear.

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