Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Flash Fiction Experiment

Photo courtesy of Net-a-porter
This is a piece that I wrote for a creative writing class last summer. It's in the genre of flash fiction, which basically means that it's a page or under and the goal is to experiment with writing with minimal words. That's absolutely something that I do horrendously, so for my first flash fiction ever, I think it's alright... a little rough, but not too terrible. I found this on my zip drive this afternoon and decided it should make a more public debut on my blog. Hope you like it!

Never Enough

I own shoes… approximately 70 pairs of shoes. Some think that is a lot, but to me it’s nothing. You see, shoes are my addiction, my cocaine, if you will. The more I have the more I want. Every time I walk into a shoe store, I want. I crave the leather smell as a junky craves his next fix. I crouch among the aisles of shoes covertly and take in my next hit.
…the high is rapid and spectacular. I lay my head back and let the elation of my new rush fall over me.
I come crashing down in about a day. I shake and writhe with the anticipation of my next hit and I sweat from sheer horror that I might drive myself to bankruptcy.
To remedy my withdrawal, I enter the nearest shoe store of any quality (I am, after all, a discriminating junkie).
After overdrawing the bank account one too many times, it is time that I sought help. I wait in the sterile lobby of some holier-than-thou psychologist. My pending doom looms in the waiting room beside me.
Panic sets in, I throw down my reading material, snatch my purse and dash on out of there as quickly as my well-heeled feet will allow. After all, if shoes can’t fix it, nothing can.

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