Monday, November 2, 2009

Feather Ears

Today is my first day back after fall break.

Tee: Planet Funk
Skirt: Vintage Amore
Shoes: amiclubwear
Earrings: Norwegianwood(she's out of commission, right now, due to a launch of her line for Topshop, but she'll be back with more amazing products)
Bracelets: Vintage Catholic Saints bracelets


beckyxoxo said...

what a lovely look ! that blue skirt is gorgeous . xoxxo .

Lisa said...

Great earrings, I love the skirt too! How do you teach all day in those heels?? I'm in total awe.

MC's Closet said...

cuuuute shirt!, cool skirt tooo


michelle_ said...

cute dog !
and i love ur confident girl 1

Carlene said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments!
Lisa, a lot of people ask me that and I have no logical explanation. I think some of it was training and some of it is me ignoring my pain because I love my shoes so much. I don't even feel it anymore.