Sunday, November 8, 2009

Writer's Blog (not block, my friends)

So, I mentioned previously that I was working on a project and here it is:
Writer's Blog is my new blog.
It has zero to do with fashion, so fashionistas beware.
My love of writing has been ignited by my recent experience at the demonstration classroom I am in.
This blog is my attempt to play with my writing and to exorcise some of my troubles. Right now, it is mostly nonfiction and there is a lot of fleshing out various parts of my life. My hope is that this writing exercise will lead to more refined art, such as poetry and fiction pieces.
If you enjoy reading, then, by all means, travel over to my new blog and explore. There's not much there and there won't be the frequent updates that this blog has, but it's another facet of my life.

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