Sunday, November 15, 2009


Eight inches of snow means a playdate inside. After messing around with photos on my bed, I pulled on my suede moccassins and put White Christmas on.

Oh, this afternoon I took the puppies out to bound in the snow. They had one hell of a time, but Loki's hair has a tendency to get these giant snowballs on them. He gets cold and then we have to throw him in a hot bath to melt the snowballs.

Dress: Victoria's Secret
Hat: Express
Lipstick: Hot Topic


mansionmogul said...

what breed of dog is Loki? Sooo cute.
ps. Luv the hat!

Carlene said...

mansionmogul, Loki is a soft-coated Wheaten Terrier.
They're typically hyper and very stubborn. Loki is only stubborn, but he makes up for the lack of hyperness with his excessive stubborness.

mansionmogul said...

A-ha! I lurv wheatons! We had one when I was younger. He is adorable and makes a great photo prop :)