Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kiki de Montparnasse/Shopbop Giveaway

A another giveaway? This time it's Kiki de Montparnasse, a designer I'm rapidly falling for.

Good news: 1) I have one $100 gift card, ready to send to the person who leaves the best comment below. 2) This giveaway is all about underwear! Just let me know which piece of Kiki de Montparnasse lingerie from is your favorite and why. Best comment wins, so get creative! You have 10 days to enter.

Feast your eyes on these yummies!

What is Kiki de Montparnasse?

Kiki de Montparnasse is a line of lingerie with famous boutiques in New York and Los Angeles. But, don't call it a high-end sex shop. According to the owners, it's a "luxury lifestyle store surrounding romance and intimacy."

kiki de montparnasse

So who is Kiki?

She's not the designer. Kiki de Montparnasse (the label) was actually started by Jennifer Zuccarini and her partner Andrew Pollard. After realizing that the fashion industry was using sex to sell everything, except for actual sex products themselves, they decided to get to work. Pollard named the brand after Kiki de Montparnasse (the person)--a famous French model and artist from the '20s who was known for her free-spirited yet sophisticated ways.

Which Kiki de Montparnasse item is your favorite?

Let me know! It's time to release your inner Kiki and leave a comment. Just tell me which piece you'd choose and how you'd wear it. One lucky winner will receive a $100 instant gift card goods towards anything in the store. Remember, best response wins, so have fun!


Lizzie said...

OH MY GOD their lingerie is cute!
I have to say though that my favorite is the Wrap Teddy:

I do not have a boyfriend now (and haven't for a long while hahaha) so what is the point of spending all that money on sexy lingerie? This wrap teddy is actually both sexy and cute, so if one night I feel like looking cute for no reason I would totally slip this on and feel great. I don't need a guy for me to feel and look cute, right? It just looks so cozy and amazing, I love it! Thanks for the opportunity to win Carlene!

Fashion Therapist said...

I'll be honest....when I try to venture out and wear cute/sexy lingerie I feel like a sausage and honestly I just laugh. Maybe because I look like a sausage or maybe because I'm slightly embarassed.

However, Kiki's wrap teddy and the voyeur bra are 2 things I guarantee would sport. Love them! Thanks for this opportunity!

Faith J. said...

“Quand il me prend dans les bras
Il me parle tout bas
Je vois la vie en rose”

When he takes me in his arms
and speaks to me softly
I see the world through rose-colored glasses

My inner Kiki would wear the black lacy Maiden Slip for my husband. I’d wear it with Lancome’s Miracle perfume, my black high-heeled sandals, red lipstick, and a sweet smile for the love of my life.

Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to be creative and win!


Catherine said...

The Amour Caftan is lovely. It's sexy without being trashy or skimpy - but at the same time, it's really cute. Who says you need someone to wear such items for? Feeling pretty makes me feel good.

alana said...

First of all, that model looks like she needs to eat a home-cooked meal. Second, I’d go with the Wrap Teddy. Even though I would love to have any piece, if I’m gonna spend that much on sleepwear it’s got to work double duty. Paired with a pencil skirt and a leather jacket that teddy would be bangin.

Maura said...

I love the sensual and whimsical approach Kiki de Montparnasse has toward lingerie, and as soon as I saw the Voyeur Pin Up Bra I was immediately struck by the most delicious scenario: I picture myself having dinner at a cozy French bistro with a mysteriously alluring gentleman. An aura of seduction hovers over our pinot noir, and he looks so deeply into my eyes that I feel an electric surge wash over me. He orders dessert as I delicately slide my L.A.M.B. Peep Toe Booties up and down his leg . When he cracks the glossy surface of the crème brulee, my inhibitions loose, and I lean coquettishly over the table to give him a peak of my Voyeur Pin Up Bra underneath my ruffled Catherine Maladrino dress . As we walk back to my apartment he stops, cups my face in his powerful hands, and kisses me. Overcome by passionate abandon, I can hardly wait to cast off my dress and reveal my Muse Heart Briefs. With a wink I invite him upstairs for drinks and…

Now if only I could find that mysteriously alluring gentleman! I had a lot of fun with this! Keep these coming, prizes or no!

Anonymous said...

'm an academic. In my world, dressing in an uber-feminine manner can be more of a hinderance than an aide to success. Despite my love of overtly "womanly" clothing, I typically combine various style and pieces to create subtly sexy outfits that allow me to sneakily subvert the gender norms of what's still thought of as "a man's world."

The Nuit Shadow Garder Tank is the perfect lingerie for my academic life. From the front it appears to be just a simple undershirt or camisole, something most people wear in professional settings. From behind, though, it's a list-inspiring confection.

I would hide the Nuit Shadow Garter Tank under deceptively academic clothing- pinstripe pants, a tucked-in button up, a blazer with elbow patches. I would let the tank show at the unbuttoned neck of my shirt, and anyone who looked would assume that I was wearing a camisole, something totally reasonable for the classroom. No one would know that what my camisole was actually decidedly unreasonable- a delicious piece of black lace that was better suited to the bedroom than the classroom.

The Nuit Shadow Garter Tank is sneaky, just like my school-day feminity. It's subtle at first, but it punches you in the stomach if you're a smart enough student to look closely.

Anonymous said...

Editorial: that's supposed to say, "lust-inspriring", not "list-inspiring!" Who wants lingerie that inspires someone to write a list of anything, except maybe how how you are!

Elizabeth said...

I took a look at all her items and I have to say she knows what a woman wants and what a man could like. My favorite piece is the Muse Corselette Bra. It is something that I would wear on a daily basis just because. Some say sexy lingerie is unpractical but it is nice to have that little secret that only you know unless you decide to reveal that little secret. I also love the vintage feel to classy without being trashy.

By the your style and I have to say I would love to sneak a few of your shoes out from under your nose!