Thursday, January 29, 2009

Binge without Purging

I've been awfully naughty lately with my shoe purchases and, my god, I'm loving it.

Clockwise from top left: Camilla Skovgaard, Marni, Camilla Skovgaard,Chloe, Miu Miu, Miu Miu, Chloe

Camilla Skovgaard is rapidly becoming one of my favorite designers. First of all, she's Danish. My family heritage is Dane, I lived there and now speak the language so I'm a sucker for anything Danish. More importantly, however, is her shoes. She makes delightfully structured shoes like the stilletos in this photo that look like cages for the feet.
Also, the first pair of Miu Miu's are constructed from sequins with varying gradients and distances from pink to silver (though you can't see it in the photo).


Fashion Therapist said...

Love your shoe purchases. I'm tres envious!

bare.peppermint.fashions said...

i love them! shoes are my favorite. :)

Fashion Addict said...

Oh that must be so nice having a lot of wonderful shoes! love them all!

puan hadi said...

that's a real nice chloe and marni there. im full of envy.

TheMinx said...

Lucky girl, all of those are super lovely!