Sunday, January 4, 2009

Recoup Time

Bonnie Raitt-Nick of Time
Traveling always exhausts you, does it not? Today I got a late start, ran a few errands, half-heartedly thrifted and then worked on a couple of projects for the blog (which I'm really excited about). I was so close to just throwing this top in the donation pile, but it was too eccentrically ugly for me to part with and since tie-dye is in right now...

Skirt: Cubix (purchased at Dragonfly boutique in the Highlands)
Top: Kenneth Cole New York
Shoes: Ash (shopbop)
Fur: My great grandmother's


Fashion Therapist said...

Sorry no grad school for me - although I still go back and forth about getting my MBA. Cute pics!!!

Wil said...

hello. did you break any hearts in Iowa? cute infant pictures. i updated my site with you in mind, you're gonna laugh.

Fashion Addict said...

Traveling always makes me tired! I guess that's why I usually don't go places too far away!

This look is wonderful and I'm always looking forward to seeing your posts. The tie-dye is nice too.

Carlene said...

Fashion Addict, thank you so much. I love knowing that people check my blog. It really makes it that much more enjoyable.

Wil, no hearts were broken on my account while in Iowa. Then again, I barely left the house, I was so tired the whole time.

manuel navarro said...

i would have picked you up on the side of the road!