Monday, January 5, 2009

Where did I come from? (My new fashion project)

I have, as of late, become completely obsessed with where I got my sense of fashion adventure. At home, I am typically the butt of all kinds of jokes for my clothes and I am terribly jealous of fellow bloggers who talk about and/or photograph their stylish mothers (it usually is the mothers that we hear about). It was these ponderings that led me to rummage through photos of my family. I knew that my great grandmother had been a style maven (and you may have noticed how many of my brooches are from her collection), so I started with photos of her. Here are some of the pictures that I unearthed from my aunt's powerpoint. Some of my favorites of hers are her various eye glasses, her bouffant hair, and the accentuation of her waistline.

My grandmother is the woman on the far left in the photo below. That cheetah belt has been an item I have lusted after for years. Unfortunately, I think at her largest her waist was 34 inches, so I couldn't wear it anyway.

Even as she aged, she was quite magnificient.

The quest continues...
More updates to come.

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