Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Do Nothing Day

Norman Greenbaum-Spirit in the Sky
Today I had to stay home while we got a new heater installed and I had nothing to do all day. So, I got dressed up and played with my camera and new tripod. I think that it is no mystery that I have a secret crush on Kristin over at Bleach Black (though it's not so secret anymore since I just publicly announced it on my blog). This outfit is most definitely inspired by her. In fact, when I saw the hat on sale at Target, I thought, "Holy crap! This hat would be perfect for my 'Kristin Outfit.'" So, this is my attempt at her "I don't give a damn and look so apathetically cool" look.

Dress: Torn (shopbop)
Shoes: Claudia Ciuti (also shopbop)
Fur Stole: Vintage (from a garage sale)
Beanie: Converse One Star for Target


Wil said...

photos 6 & 7 are hot

TheMinx said...

Hats look soo good on you girl! I love the whole look, definately Bleachblack worthy.

Carlene said...

Wil, Thanks! I had fun with them, too.

The Minx, thanks for the compliment!