Monday, January 5, 2009

Karma Police

How fortuitous that I would mention maxi dresses today and then I walk into Savers only to find a darling maxi dress. In addition, next to the maxi dress was a romper playsuit in my size! That is basically unheard of so I figured when I tried it on, it wouldn't work. Who knew? It did. Then, I also found the zebra-y dress that has no shape but will look dynamite with a cinched belt. I'm even thinking of keeping the shoulder pads in, as it gives the dress a real military structure. Finally, I found the wine colored shift dress with the matching jacket. I already have all kinds of visions for the dress and the jacket can even be worn as a skirt (with tights, of course, because it is super short). The luck I had today can only be attributed to good clothes karma, probably because I've donated so much clothing lately (I'm in a neurotic closet cleansing binge).

Also, I received these boots when I got home from vacation. The black ones are over the knee boots that I broke down and bought after I lost the auction on that pair I mentioned before.


bare.peppermint.fashions said...

i cannot wait to see you in that jumpsuit! i've been wanting one so bad after seeing some other bloggers wearing them! you got lucky today!


Zita said...

I love the over the knee boots!!

TheMinx said...

those over the knee boots are HAWT girl :)