Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Impatience Always Pays

So,I tried to buy these Dolce Vita Cher Cut-Out Bootie from Bona Drag, but they were out of my size. At that point, I wanted them so desperately that I googled them to try and find them somewhere else. All the other sites where I found them, they were significantly more expensive. Then, I stumbled upon the website (owned by Amazon). Turns out, not only were they slightly cheaper than the ones at Bona Drag, but they were also offering free overnight shipping. Usually, I am all about supporting the little guys, but sometimes you just can't beat overnight shipping for free. Why is it that instant gratification is so... oh, I don't know... gratifying?

2 comments: said...

Amen to gratifying. Also, these shoes are what dreams are made of! They are going to look fabulous on you. Can't wait to hopefully see what you pair them up with!

If I lived in the states, I'd order from every online website, ever. But being in Canada, my "shipping" options are limited at times due to pricing. :(

TheMinx said...

damn girl, you better work those!! I can't wait to see how you wear them, they are simply fabulous.