Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Iowa Outfits

This is the abbreviated version of some of the outfits I wore while in Iowa. These are by no means in chronological order. I just wanted to get them up and posted.

These are photos from our day trip to the Amana colonies where I bought all kinds of goodies. I love going to itty bitty towns because that's where you always find the best treasures.

These are some old family photos of my grandpa Vic that I found.

The photo in the top left hand side says "Fishing Trip" on the back. I thought that this is exactly what I would want to wear on a fishing trip.

These were my purchases from the Wool Mill in Amana.

I also purchased some Elderberry and Dandelion wine in the Amanas. Evidentally, German immigrants enjoyed their wine, but could not farm grapes properly in Iowa so they got real creative with their liquor. The dandelion is really sweet and really yummy.

And this young man is the entire reason for our trip. My cousin had a baby and this is him. His name is Jeremiah Jeffrey and he nearly shares a birthday with me. I'm pretty sure that that alone will make him a favorite "nephew" of mine. Just kidding, of course. He does seriously have the coolest Elvis lip ever. Future career?

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bare.peppermint.fashions said...

i love all your pictures! it looks like you had fun in iowa! and your nephew is so cute. how funny that you share the same birthday. :)

and i love that one black dress you're wearing with the gray sweater. it looks great on you! hope you had a great christmas and new year!