Sunday, December 7, 2008


Postal Service-Be Still My Heart
Today I am Alice in Wonderland with my peaches and baby blues.

Skirt: Vintage from mom's closet
Petticoat: Anthropologie
Tee: Every Little Counts
Shoes: Vintage BCBGirls (from ebay)
Cameo Brooch: Ebay
Scarf worn as a bracelet: Vintage from the Ball Park Flea Market
Bracelet: Rachel Leigh from shopbop
Necklace: Fashion Denver fashion market
Clutch: Vintage from Callie & Mo (a vintage shop on the 16th street mall)


amy said...

Hello! You are such a pretty thing aren't you. I added you to my blog list. Thank you :)

Wil said...

how about to 2:30 instead of 1 on Tuesday

Carlene said...

Will, 2:30 will work just fine for me.
Amy, how sweet of you and thank you so SO much for adding me to your blog roll!

Krystal said...

looove rachel leigh! these photos rock missy! xx

Every Little Counts said...

i love these..esp. the mirror shots, and your new banner photo!

Carlene said...

Thank you Krystal! Yeah, I own way too much Rachel Leigh. She's just too amazing!

Amy, thank you so much! The mirror shots took forever to get right. So worth it, though.