Friday, December 12, 2008

I want to be independently wealthy so I don't have to compromise

Roy Orbison-Crying
Today I sold some of my textbooks and took the money to go thrifting. I found the most incredible black cocktail dress that looks like it was made with exactly my body in mind. It was incredible. The sad news is that I went to Goodwill after that and found this stunningly rich-colored fur coat for $50. It even fit my broad shoulders and everything. I wanted it so badly but I had already spent about twenty of my alotted sixty dollars and so I walked away from it. I even considered going back to the Arc where I bought the dress and two skirts and returning them just so I could buy the fur. I decided that I needed the skirts far more than I needed the fur coat. But I want to be stinking rich with piles of money coming out my ears, just so I can buy things like that fur jacket and not worry about prioritizing. I think I can hold my breath for a long time and still never see that money. I am going to be a teacher, after all.
Good news for the day was that I found a fur stole for a dollar and I received my faux snow leopard jacket from Express in the mail today. It is so much cooler than the pictures on the website and I can not wait to wear it.

Skirt: Old Navy
Button up: Vintage from mom's closet
Boots: Ami Clubwear
Necklace: Unknown
Bag: Vintage from a garage sale
Bracelets: Vintage Jesus bracelets from Ball Park Market


bare.peppermint.fashions said...

hey girl!

thanks for the comment on my last post. i'm adding you to my blog roll. :) i'm sorry your camera broke. i've had that happen to me too. but mine fell in a pool! no good.

anyway, i love this outfit. it's so cute! and i love the booties! i need more of those i've realized. have a great night!


Carlene said...

Toni thanks so much for the sympathies about the camera. I was seriously depressed, but then I figured out how to take and e-mail photos to myself on my phone. All is not lost;)
It's amazing how hooked you become with blogging once you've started.