Saturday, December 6, 2008

Hey Hollywould!

I got this blazer for 6 dollars when I went shopping at my neighborhood Savers the other day. I love it, but I'm definitely unsure of how I'm going to keep it clean. The shoes were an ebay purchase from about a week ago. They are vintage Hollywould and I happen to think that they are quite cool. But then again, I think that about a lot of the things I own. My eyes look really dull in all of these pictures. I look super dim and out of it. The only logical explanation that I have is that I had to get up early this morning to stand in line for this exclusive CD that my whole family is crazy about and then I found out that one of my professors just died. Wow, that sounded incredibly crass. I really am quite sad about it.
By the way, I feel that my outfits have been a bit repetitive lately. I'm going to have to do something about that.

Jeans: Old Navy
Tee: Every Little Counts (it says "Let me hear your body talk" from Olivia Newton John's song "Physical")
Blazer: Savers
Shoes: Vintage Hollywould
Hat: Annie Rexic
Necklace: Sweet Heart Sinner
Rings: Target and Madame Bijoux


Wil said...

see you Tuesday

Carlene said...

Were you afraid I would forget?