Thursday, December 25, 2008

Essential Christmas Gifts

Here are some of my Christmas gifts that are fashion and/or photography related. I am elated!
This is a Cashmere blend yarn that I asked my sister to make a beautiful pink scarf with.

My sister also made me a hat from the left over yarn from that cowl scarf I mentioned earlier.

The most incredible, intricate vintage necklace from my grandmother.

This is my new, fancy, and super light tripod that will prevent further camera injuries.

And this is my new cool tripod that can wrap around trees and poles and can fit even into some of my clutches. My brother gave me this and I am thrilled! The picture taking opportunities are endless.

And for the grand finale, this is the cowl neck scarf my sister made for me. The knit is so heavy and it's way cool. I'm going to Iowa to visit my dad's family for New Years and we're traveling with only carry-ons to facilitate the holiday traveling. This will be one of my staple pieces for the four days that I am there, as it is freezing in Iowa right now and this piece is so unbelievably unique.


manuel navarro said...

i am sew jealous of your gift from your sister!!!!!

Megan said...

He's jealous because he knows how special I am....

Carlene said...

Yeah, she's pretty amazing. She takes my crocheting requests and tries all kinds of new things just for me!