Thursday, December 11, 2008

Hey, Red!

Jamie Cullum-Mind Trick (remix)
Ok, first of all, I hate when women walk around with like three bags. Hello! Get one big bag, pitch everything in it, done. Right? Well, not today for me. I really wanted to wear the electric blue purse, but I'm off to finals and needed some sustanance/entertainment for all the gaps in my schedule, so I'm the guilty party who is carting two bags around. I guess I can no longer be a "too many bag snob" anymore, can I?
This outfit incorporates some of my favorite items in my closet right now: the leggings, Louboutin's and seven dollar blazer from Saver's, along with the blue bag that I got for like a dollar at an estate sale.

Leggings: Express
Blazer: Savers
Tank: The Limited
Floral Scarf: Savers
Cream Scarf: Gift from parents (New York City street vendor)
Black Bag: Nine West (Ross)
Blue Bag: Vintage (estate sale)
Sunglasses: XOXO (Ross)
Beanie: Miscusi
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
No jewelry today. It's a miracle.