Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Treasure Trove

Do you remember the fur that I posted about a couple of weeks ago? Well, I told my mother about it and she thought that it was completely ridiculous that I would spend that much on a vintage fur. Then, she mentioned that my grandmother might have one of her mother's vintage fur coats down in her basement. She promised to ask my grandma about it when she picked her up for the holidays. Turns out, she had two mink stoles and a beaver coat. I was not sure about the beaver coat at first, but with enough stroking, I gradually fell to pieces for it. She asked me for $100 for them and I thought that that was pretty fair. The beaver coat is the coat in the lower lefthand side of the picture and the lighter stole on the lower righthand side is more like a cape. Finally, the middle stole was my grandmother's (the other two were my great grandmother's) and it is more of a true stole style.

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