Saturday, December 13, 2008

Graduation Party

Fleetwood Mac-Everywhere (Oh, oh. I wanna be with you everywhere)
This evening, my spinning instructor is having her graduation party. I'm such a homebody and I have the house all to myself so I really don't want to go. The only thing that's motivating me is this outfit. I do love it and I'm so happy that one of my outfits turned out well today. On my computer it's hard to tell, but the dress is a forest green and the shoes are a deep purple. I'm working the jewel tones tonight. I really wanted a bright yellow bag to have one vibrant, stand-out piece but I own no such thing in my wardrobe. I guess that's just one more thing to add to the lust list.
Edit to add:
Oh my! I'm also noticing as I am uploading the photos that my boobs like all Romantic era, peaking out of the tank top as they do. Yikes!

Dress: LaRok (shopbop)
Petticoat: Anthropologie
Camisole: The Limited
Leggings: Express
Bracelets: By the Beard of Zeus, The Limited, Madame Bijoux
Ring: Unknown
Necklace: Vintage from Ball Park Flea Market
Pin: My great grandmother's
Shoes: Vintage (ebay)
Clutch: Vintage
Jacket: Paris Blues (Ross)


Fashion Therapist said...

Those shoes and dress are awesome!!!!!

nv said...

very cute outfit. I freakin love those lace leggings! I went to H&M like a month ago and saw those but they only had XS and S left! :(

TheMinx said...

I really love the layered underskirt beneath your dress, it's so elegant.

Carlene said...

Thank you all so much.
nv, try express or That's where I got these.