Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Stirrup Tights

Patti Smith-Kimberly
I'm venturing into the colored tights again and I simply love these ones. They don't give the lovehandle hangover that I usually dread. Also, the white top is actually a dress that I hardly ever wear because it is completely see-through. I like its effect, though, so I decided to wear it as a top and just let my black bra show through.
Oh! Also, I have some seriously cool boots that I'm bidding on on ebay. One of them is a pair of tan over the knee boots. I've been dying for some over the knee boots for a long time, but haven't found the perfect pair. I think these are them. Then, I've got some seriously sweet cowboy boots and a pair of bohemian style slide-on boots that I'm bidding on from the same seller. I'm crossing my fingers.

Skirt: Secondhand (Arc)
Dress worn as top: Shopbop
Black top: Express
Tights: Express
Necklaces: Ebay, vintage from Ball Park Flea Market and garage sale
Shoes: Vintage ebay
Bag: Secondhand
Feathers in hair: Mezzo


Fashion Therapist said...

Loving the color of those stirrups! I was just thinking I wanted to purchase myself a pair. Have a great holiday!

SweetnPantyhose said...

Keep the Passion for Hosiery sweetheart, I cannot stop wearing pantyhose and tights since I found the high end hosiery. I hate pantyhose, the drugstore brand that is! You look HOT and I know the men are complimenting your legs BIg Time!

Carlene said...

Thanks, Fashion Therapist. Happy holidays to you as well. Hope you have a wonderful one!

SweetnPantyhose, hosiery is addictive, isn't it? I'm in love! And thanks for the compliment.

bare.peppermint.fashions said...

oooo....i like those tights! i like how they go over the foot like that. i can't wait to see those over the knee boots if you win them. i want some so bad but i need money first! :) have a good holiday!


TheMinx said...

Work it girl! You always have the best shoes :))

manuel navarro said...

work it! i love the color! i see you got your camera working again!

Carlene said...

Thanks guys!