Saturday, October 31, 2009

Funky What?

I spent the evening watching the Batman series on ABC family, going trick or treating with a three-year-old, and handing out treats to kids in my neighborhood while the dogs slept (I'm babysitting my sister's cocker spaniel).
I decided to hop on chictopia and peruse the "people" section for some style inspiration. This created quite the monster, as this is my fourth post today. I linked to about 6 blogs, but I also found this fabulous store.
It's called Funky Lobes, which is the weirdest name I think I've ever heard. Turns out, the name is perfect for the ecclectic and beautifully surprising items of clothing they carry.
Here is a delectable sampling:

They also have a vintage collection that's pretty sweet!

1 comment:

jane st. clair said...

oooh! i like it. i want the dress in the middle big time. chictopia is a rabbit hole of fashion, which can be good or bad.

your header photo is amazing, btw!